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Liliana Corkidi - Failed Spine Surgery

During the first consultation, they took my medical history and requested tests, X-rays and an MRI as tools to learn more about my case, which was very complex; a torment that I went through due to medical negligence that led to 12 spinal surgeries, a pulmonary embolism and septicemia.


When Dr. Julieta knew this, and with an astonished face, she asked me: Is it a joke? and I replied: -No, it was a nightmare! - She continued evaluating me and did not hesitate to tell me that it was a miracle that only I could stand in front of her and above all, that she took dance classes.


Let me say that I arrived at the clinic full of pain: with a cane; with difficulty walking, to keep my right foot aligned with the rest of my body and to flex; with countless contractions in my back that prevented me from standing up straight; with the inability to rotate the hip and a scar hardened by fibrosis due to 10 years without treatment that caused me pain that was almost unbearable. Quite a box of impossibilities!



Liliana Corkidi.jpg


The Dr. asked me if I was not tired from so much treatment and if I would be willing to try again. Without the slightest doubt and as if it were a girl to whom they offer a gift, I answered yes. This was the acceptance for her to take my treatment, one that was seen as something difficult and lasting.


After a year and a half of therapy, the joy of living has returned, I have much less pain and they have given me the opportunity to continue with my dance classes to the point of being able to stand on my toes again, flex, rotate my hips and move in such a way that I am classified in the "advanced" dance group.


Dr. Julieta is an angel that God put in my path because of her competence and dedication to her work, warmth, professionalism and human qualities. I show you my admiration and most sincere thanks for allowing me to enjoy life without the stigma of being disabled.


May God bless you, Dra! The most grateful of her patients, Liliana Corkidi.

April 2020

Azareel Martínez - Sports injuries

September 2020

I came to Spine Clinic Polanco due to injuries derived from the practice of extreme sports for several years, as well as long working hours; in which, he spent much of the time sitting in front of a computer.


After a year of treatment, I never believed that chiropractic, from day one, would change my life, since it made me forget how frequent and normal pain became part of me due to the practice of sports.


Therefore, I can only thank Dr. Julieta, Marisol and Vianey for all their support and professionalism, especially the one they have shown during the time that the pandemic has lasted; which is noticeable from the moment you arrive at the clinic and this gives me confidence to return without fear of running any risk of contagion.



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